Soy Candles

Scented soy candles are great gifts for a loved one. They fill the atmosphere with aromas that create a peaceful feeling of ecstasy. Their fragrance can also remove unpleasant odours and instead create a romantic feeling. Several scents are also available that instigate feelings of satisfaction, sleepiness or ease. They also come in many colours and are generally cost-friendly making them a great gift for a loved one, friend or even given to a logistic company as part of a business relationship and 3 pl.

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Making scented candles for a loved one

Insert the wick via a hole on the spongy wick holder. Allow the wick to pass through the washer and on top of the sponge by one and a half inches. Ensure you fasten a knot at the base of the washer.

Point the wick's opposite end through an opening at the lowest part of the candle holder. Ensure the wick passes through the central part of the wick bar. Tightly pull the wick and place it at the wick bar end. Enwrap the end of the wick severally to keep it from moving.

Add some water to the lowest part of a double broiler and boil it. Put candle dyes and wax on top of the broiler. Additionally, add some scented oil.

Pour the melted wax from the broiler into the mould until it gets to the top. Start cutting the wick from underneath its holder.

Cut off the knot from beneath the mould. Draw the mould off the scented candle.

Essential tips

You can add colour to the candles by using old crayons or food colouring. Consider adding some fragrance oil together with the colouring depending on your loved one's preference. Use cotton kitchen twine instead of expensive commercial wicks. Dip the string in wax that has been melted. Make sure you cut the wax into small pieces before putting in the pan in order to melt faster. In case you lack a double boiler, take an empty coffee can to help in holding the wax. To give a lacy resemblance, fill up the mould with chunks of ice cubes before flowing in the wax.

Other gifts for special occasions

Other gifts to give to your loved ones during birthdays include paintings, ornaments, jewellery, conference folders, clothing, electronic gadgets, creative art supplies or music CD's. If you need to get conference folders UK has a range you can choose from.

Christmas gifts include electronics or digital items, clothing, kitchen ware, perfume, jewellery, video games, books and cards.

Graduates can be given gifts such as laptop, car, money, jewellery, quality watch or a vacation. An inexpensive option includes an album completely filled with memorable photos.

Other occasions include weddings, whose gifts range from dinner sets, kitchen appliances, cutlery, money or linen. In case your loved one has any of the above things, you can choose a piece of artwork.